Cheap Ass Kicks!!!

This is the place to find cheaply priced, high quality, imitation Nike Shoes.

These shoes are identical to authentics. You will not find real Nikes this cheap. These are less than 50% of normal price.

If less than 4 pairs are ordered then price is $109 (plus $12 P&H)

4 pairs need to be purchased at a time to get the shoes at $99 each so get a couple of mates together and split it or just buy 4 pairs for yourself.

Shipping is $12 per pair. However if you buy 8 pairs or more I can give you free postage.

Mens & Womens

Almost all makes and colours.

Air Stabs
Air Force

If you would like to send me a picture of the shoes you want ill see what i can do to track them down for you

To order, fill in the order form found on this website and email it to:

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for shipment...